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Is hillary clinton is lesbian

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What a treat it was.

Posted by clueless frat boy November 8, 6: My money'd be on Bill running the camera. Dirty lesbian blog. Are these lesbian rumors meant to undercut the power of women in government or in some cases — like Hillary Clinton — attempt to prevent women from gaining power at all? I was amused to run across this post yesterday ' All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done -- in one big list.

The next two months will tell the tale. I get the feeling that with Mrs. Is hillary clinton is lesbian. Great Drudge headline pic. Clinton is perhaps the most famous woman in the world and currently the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and Abedin is one of her closest aides, so there is going to be a certain amount of built-in attention toward them as a pair.

On second thought, let's just take another long, reflective look at Abedin. I'm personally most exasperated by heterosexual cisgender people lecturing me about their mutual LGBTQ records. Posted by Lloyd Clydesdale November 8, 4: This page requires javascript. Mr Conservative, a conservative website, asserted in and that Hillary Clinton would face lesbian rumors if she ran for president. Posted by Big Sven November 8, 2: Inwhen pundits were opining she would run for president inconservative talk show host Glenn Beck said she would be the first lesbian in the Oval Office.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images. Nude south indian women. Perhaps such assertions made sense a half century ago, but in ? Posted by xx November 8, 6: Essential information contained article known author years katie pavlich - townhall tipsheet reports conservative perspective fascinating going viral exposes truly ruthless they are.

Yet the rumor persists. Hillary Rodham Clinton follows in the footsteps of women who protested, and fought, and lived and worked and raised the consciousness of this country through child-rearing, through saying no to child-rearing, through friendships, through sacrifice, through tears, through blood coming out of their wherevers. For the general, Trump has more than just one tabloid story to knock out his opponent.

Dubya was sucking bin Laden's dick at Kennebunkport family retreats way back in the summer of ' Why are women in power rumored to be lesbians? Unless Klein wired his sources and his sources were Bill and Hillary Clinton, none of this is likely to be even kind of true. This is just smear. I'd be much more worried about a straight woman who wouldn't go a little bi for Huma Abedin.

Some sort of eating disorder. Most Popular on Advocate. With Roger Stone and Ed Klein firmly in the Trump fold, it seems likely the lesbian rumors about Hillary will continue, either overtly or sotto voce. She is going to be burned at the stake in and everybody should get out their marshmallows and put them on a stick. The vitriol among Democrats about whom we are supporting in the primary election is exasperating and sad.

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She was the child of a more progressive community. Posted by clueless frat boy November 8, 6: Posted by fnc November 9, 9: Because conservatives still think being a lesbian is the worst thing a woman can be.

Delighted Jen said yes. Icarly naked girls. Is hillary clinton is lesbian. Drudge running with classy, classic "Hillary is a lesbian" angle pic. August 29 1: If you give me guff about this, I'm going to make a donation to Hillary.

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Sex-addicted monster mocked calling Warden front friends privately boasted his high prepared. Say hi to your girlfriend, Sedi! Would really truly gallery ultimate online archive unflattering photos election season upon us.

Because Huma is hotter than any woman Bill has banged in a long long time that we know of at least. Let me be clear -- if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, I will vote for him. As "proof" of the so-called lesbian game, the publication has a dozen photos of Merkel with her hands together in a triangle shape.

But the most colorful subgenre of Clinton literature is the conspiracy scrapbook. What I'm not going to do is engage Bernie Sanders' followers when they try to derail me. Hey, it's too bad that 1 Hillary is so scary and offputting and 2 there's no merit to this story. Zhang yuqi nude. Even though progress on this front is not easy, we cannot delay acting.

Last summer an ad surfaced for a lesbian magazine where one member of the lesbian couple looked surprisingly like Merkel — clearly a purposeful action on the part of the magazine that created quite the Internet buzz.

Drudge Report sometimes pulse right-wing, now drafting headlines based rumor birthplace chicago, il. Why is calling powerful women lesbians the worst insult? But likely, too, is the possibility that Trump is merely savvy. Are these lesbian rumors meant to undercut the power of women in government or in some cases — like Hillary Clinton — attempt to prevent women from gaining power at all?

Clinton, ALL else comes heh second to doing and saying whatever it takes to get elected. State while talking supposed service nickname mistress, suggests ve some too presidentopportunity become undisputed leader gay rights movement. Right Wing Watch quoted Rios: Posted by V November 8, 3: Clinton were the lesbiest lesbo in all of lesdom, she would walk across a field of naked Huma-class hotties without once looking down if it meant she would get elected.

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My gripe with Nellie's is that it seems less laid back and more cruisy. I've heard this a lot, but this hasn't been my experience. Lesbian Dating in Washington. I have been out of the dating scene for a couple years. I am a enthnographer, librarian ,historian. The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs LGBTQ is a permanent, cabinet-level office within the Executive Office of the Mayor established by statute in to address the important concerns of the District's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents.