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But every few seconds, I felt her soft skin brush against my balls and my almost erect penis.

God, was I ever going to get a full night's sleep? Hannah was always the boldest of the two girls. I purposely floated right up to them, keeping my penis close to them to freak them out. Nude juicy ass. Mom and dad had gone to bed long ago, and it was a really warm night. It wouldn't be the first time I had masturbated while thinking about my sisters. Swimming naked stories. It just felt good to be touching myself there, where Julia had been touching me.

I had to test this, to see if Hannah was really trying to pull off some funny business. Julia blushed and turned her head away, but Hannah's smile just got bigger. And my sisters were quick to follow too, each one having decent jugs and pretty sweet bodies. Seeing Julia's B cups and tight stomach, and Hannah's more generous C cups and nice round ass, was a different story though.

They were so sexy, I could have just stroked off watching them swim around casually. Free porn young and old lesbians. I can pretty much guess how disappointing it would be to actually touch you. So she had noticed what we were doing in the pool earlier. Hannah didn't fight me as I pawed at her tits or squeezed her ass, and her hands were all over my stomach and thighs and everything in between. I wasn't about to ruin this first time by letting anyone see me rock hard.

She kept her eyes up and away from my crotch, but she boldly reached out and grabbed my dick with her hand. Julia was drifting off to the side, letting us have fun while she just relaxed. I think my parents never thought anything of it, but I know my sisters knew what I was doing. I have to pee really bad, just let me go! In a minute, we were all completely naked sitting at the patio table.

When it twitched, they both giggled. I suppose that wasn't entirely uncommon for a nineteen year old guy like me, but this problem stemmed from a particular circumstance that had been happening for about a month now. Login or Sign Up. I could even see Hannah's neatly shaved crotch, and Julia's almost completely bare mound.

My sisters enjoyed sneaking peaks at it while we toweled off, which I enjoyed as well. Sexy lesbians banging. Literotica is a trademark. I guess I should preface it by saying that my family is kinda liberal with certain things. She left the cum on her stomach alone, though it was dripping obscenely down her body now, and she brought her hands up to her face to see my cum close up.

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No offense to them, but seeing my dad's hairy body and my mom's sagging boobs didn't really arouse me.

Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: Without saying another word, she stepped forward and grabbed my penis again, this time holding it firmly and staring straight at it. Hot lesbians rubbing each other. With shouts of laughter, I lunged for her and all three of us tumbled around the water. But doing it naked was much more exciting for me.

Select new user avatar: We were out swimming in it every night, me and my two sisters and my parents. Fortunately, I wasn't totally hard, so it wasn't too embarrassing.

As I drifted on my back past my sisters, I knew they were probably staring at my penis, which was clearly in view. We hated having to cover the pool during the winter, but come spring we were back out there. Julia inhaled sharply, and squeezed my dick hard. I don't think it would have been a huge deal for them, but I just didn't want to hint that anything was going on. Hannah ran inside first, apparently not lying about having to pee. She gasped, and kept a big smile on her face, but her fingers dug into my shoulder where she was bracing herself, and I could tell she was totally caught off guard.

I couldn't see her face through the wrestling, and we both kept up the appearance that we were trying to best each other. Naked before doctor. Swimming naked stories. When it twitched, they both giggled. She couldn't see what was happening really. I ended up taking a big step forward and poking her ass cheek with my boner.

Hannah was quick to get up and practically run over to her sister. We were all dressed when we went out there, but halfway through the meal Hannah started taking her shirt off.

Nudity being one of them. Stories Poems Story Series. Our parents were going away for a week, and leaving us to ourselves. If I suspected that I would have a problem hiding my arousal, I would just place the towel casually in my lap. A brother getting aroused by his sisters? In fact, we kind of forgot about it after a while. Girls doing naked. Mom and dad being naked kind of kept things from being sexual.

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