Shiatsu Massage Has Many Beneficial Outcomes For You

One the oldest known forms of massage therapy is shiatsu massage. This specific technique was developed and refined in Japan and has gained a lot of popularity in western countries. The roots of shiatsu massage are linked back to China over 2000 years ago. Shiatsu borrows the use of acupoints from Chinese medicine. The Japanese added the concept of energy flow through the meridian lines. Practitioners of this massage technique seek to alleviate blockages of energy flow to restore balance and harmony.

Shiatsu massage also involves the stretching and manipulating of different muscles and soft tissue areas. The typical movements in shiatsu massage are using increasing pressure in a rhythmic pattern. Holding pressure is also used with the hands and a gradual pressure release.

shiatsu massage follow the principles regarding the energy flow through the body. This is common practice in many diverse Oriental medicines. There is a common belief in a life energy force which permeates throughout the body. Conflicts with this energy cause turmoil in the body.Shiatsu uses a compression or holding massage. This is simply using the hands to hold around a given muscle or part of the body. Hands provide both touch and warm. This gentle squeeze it is done to initiate the healing process in the body.

The amazing variety of subtle relationships that combine to make shiatsu massage is very interesting. The use of acupressure points and soothing major muscle groups provides for a very effective in relieving massage. The popularity of shiatsu is a testament to its restorative potential.

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